Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Donkey mixed media wall vase

Donkey mixed media wall vase, measures about 5,1/4 x 9, 9/3x about 7/8 thick excluding the bottle vase and metal holder. This is a bottle from under my house, its 100 years old !I recommend dried or fake flowers but if you insist on using real flowers keep in mind that the back ground is not waterproof !
$35.00 shipping $10.00

I have attached a key hole hanger to the back , all you need do is place a screw in your wall adjust the depth and your wall vase will lay flush with your wall.
Why is my bottle vase cloudy or dirty looking, its been under my house for 100 years what do you expect! No really, its called “sick glass” once the elements get to glass like this there is no undoing it. But do know that its been cleaned and sanitized so no worries there. It adds to the charm thats why I am using them.

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