Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Under the house wall vases

One never knows what treasure you will find when you buy an old house, for us it was hundreds and hundreds of pounds of broken glass under the house. Yicks, you might say, as we did, but among those hundred’s of pounds of broken glass we also found many unbroken bottles. We had a few ideas as to what we could do with them but nothing seemed very exciting. How do we show off the bottles how do we share the history that goes with them.

The result of that search is the creation of my mixed media wall vases. Each one is made by hand using many different materials, and of course a vintage bottle from under my house.

A little history about the bottles told to us by the former owners
When they bought the place they discovered a hole in the floor, not having any idea why it was there they just ignored it until one day they needed to get under the house. A hole was cut in the floor, big enough for a worker to get under there, that was when they discovered the bottles and broken glass. They then put two and two together, for many many years after they moved in they found liquor bottled all over the property and had heard story’s about the old farmer who liked to drink. Well apparently when he drank in the fields he just threw the empty bottle on the ground but when he drank in the house he threw it under the house !

I did a little more research and learned that way back when it was very common for farmers to throw there bottles and such in holes on there property’s. Most just threw them in there outhouses ( if you want to find old bottles learn were farmers had there outhouses and start digging.) since most of what we found were, poison, medicine and household bottles it stands to reason that’s why they were there. But I will agree with the other people about the drinking as there is also cigaret burn marks in the floor and its a much more colorful story!.


Why is my glass bottle cloudy in spots. Well that’s what is called “sick glass”\ there are many reasons for this happening but I would say in this case its from being under the house for 100 years. But rest assured your bottle has been cleaned and sanitized so no worries its just part of the charm.

ride mixed media wall vase

Ride side view

Red horse mixed media wall vase


  1. Love your use of the old under the house bottles. Reading the story behind them was also great. Keep up the great creative work.