Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mosaic Mixed Media Mirror WINE THEME

Another wine themed mosaic piece, this time its a mirror, ready to hang in your home or vineyard. Each tile is hand made, hand painted, I then fit them together perfectly There are over 80 tiles each different and special.

The mirror measures about
    outside dimensions of frame 15 x 38

    mirror opening 7 x 28
    the Chanel for the tiles is about 2 ¾ wide.

Most tiles are made from polymer clay, they are embellished with paint, and found objects. The frame is a recycled mirror I found in a thrift store. Hours of love have gone into this piece, I am really tempted to keep this but since I already have a wined theme mosaic in my wine tasting room I really want to offer this to you.

This one of a kind mosaic mirror is $500.00 plus shipping and packing. I don’t usually charge to box up a piece but this will need to be done through UPS and I am going to have them take care of everything.

Want a smaller mosaic, or perhaps you own very special theme just give me a yell it would be a pleasure to work with you.

This piece has sold but custom orders are welcome.                          

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