Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BDR wine themed Polymer Clay Mosaic Stage 1

Working on another mosaic with polymer clay. This one is for me, we are hopefully getting close to finishing the wine cellar, actually I have to stop calling it a wine cellar its really a wine tasting room. The difference is we are using it as a place to eat and drink rather than storing tons of wine. We have in the past tried to collect, save and build our wine selection but something always happens......we drink it!!! Ok im getting off subject, this is the beginnings of the Barking Dog Tasting Room mosaic.

There are about 70 tiles each hand made from clay, this is the stage that I re-fit the tiles trying to get them close together. Once this is done I will start to paint them and re- fit them yet again. I always make a few extras just incase I end up not liking one or two or I find I need a few more.

(I know the picture is bad I took it with my phone and its to late as I have started to paint it, the next one will be better)

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