Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Family Ornaments

Well I finally got this years ornaments done its only taken 2 months! I was hoping to make one for everyone but I just cant do it, last rough count was 80 and if you have ever made anything like this you know that at some point you start hating them and just want to run screaming from the building! I have reach that point. Don’t worry if you don’t get one there will be something in the future that will have your name on it.

I am posting them on line so everyone can pick there own . The photography is not very good I just grouped them and shot the picture, you will have to just deal ok. If you like it on line you will most likely love it in person. I am going to start with my nieces and nephews and then add another group one after another. I wont wait very long in-between so if your up you had better pick. I am doing it this way because I have a hard time picking for everyone and I thought it would be more fun.

I will label the group so you will need to tell me what group yours is from and then a number from left to right. I will do my best to grab the one you are asking for but there is a possibility that I get the wrong but oh well.

The main theme this year is peace on earth but there are some that don’t say that so if you don’t celebrate Christmas or would just rather have something else you also have a few choices. I even threw in a few bones!!

This years ornaments are made in memory of my aunt Edna and my sister Diane, I love you guys, you are two of the brightest stars in heaven.
                                          group 1

group 2

group 3

group 4

group 5

group 6

group 7

group 8

group 9

group 10

group 11

group 12

group 13

group 14


Ok posting here is not working so just email me with your selection. I cant photograph all of these after each selection so you may not get your first pick. I will do my best to stay on top of it. If you can post please do so, you can post as an anonymous poster if that helps.


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  2. Dog bones are gone
    group 6, second one

  3. hey friend they are all gorgeous make it easy you know i love your stuff!hugs missin you tons! happy december holiday joy to you and all! : )

  4. Group 4 middle right
    group 9 bottom left
    group 14 second one