Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cat Painting WIP

Well I thought I would be brave and share a work in progress with you, no guarantee that I will produce a finished painting. Does that surprise you, it shouldn’t, most artist have a stack of unfinished paintings sometimes they just don’t work out the way we wanted sometimes we just get bored with them and I am sure there are countless other reasons but that’s the two for me.

So the details, this is an oil painting, a close up of a cats face on a 12 x 12 canvas.
Day one- I drew the image on layout paper then transferred it to the canvas. I painted without worrying to much about the color as I know it will change many times. I worked until the canvas was covered, I hate white canvas, and until I could not work with the wet paint. This is a great challenge for me as I am used to working with acrylics and I can just keep going.

Day 2- I started to pay more attention to the colors without getting to fussy and I started to be more concerned with the details, being more concerned with the drawing part of it, but again not to  fussy, that will come later. I need to let it set up again before I continue.

Day 3 - I worked on the entire paintings today spending a lot of time on the eye, not there yet but I am getting closer. Not sure how much of a change you can see on line but I reworked the entire painting.

Day 4


Day 5


almost done


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