Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Family Ornaments

Well I finally got this years ornaments done its only taken 2 months! I was hoping to make one for everyone but I just cant do it, last rough count was 80 and if you have ever made anything like this you know that at some point you start hating them and just want to run screaming from the building! I have reach that point. Don’t worry if you don’t get one there will be something in the future that will have your name on it.

I am posting them on line so everyone can pick there own . The photography is not very good I just grouped them and shot the picture, you will have to just deal ok. If you like it on line you will most likely love it in person. I am going to start with my nieces and nephews and then add another group one after another. I wont wait very long in-between so if your up you had better pick. I am doing it this way because I have a hard time picking for everyone and I thought it would be more fun.

I will label the group so you will need to tell me what group yours is from and then a number from left to right. I will do my best to grab the one you are asking for but there is a possibility that I get the wrong but oh well.

The main theme this year is peace on earth but there are some that don’t say that so if you don’t celebrate Christmas or would just rather have something else you also have a few choices. I even threw in a few bones!!

This years ornaments are made in memory of my aunt Edna and my sister Diane, I love you guys, you are two of the brightest stars in heaven.
                                          group 1

group 2

group 3

group 4

group 5

group 6

group 7

group 8

group 9

group 10

group 11

group 12

group 13

group 14


Ok posting here is not working so just email me with your selection. I cant photograph all of these after each selection so you may not get your first pick. I will do my best to stay on top of it. If you can post please do so, you can post as an anonymous poster if that helps.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


12 x 12 Acrylic painting, close up of dogs face

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Polymer Clay Plagues- Holiday Set

Well I have been very busy in the studio working with polymer clay. This latest project was a gift and I loved working on it. I decided to make a plague for each of the holidays. Each one is hand made and hand painted. I would consider them mixed media because I use texture sheets and molds, some I found some I made, stamps, found objects, beads and of course paint.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Artist Trading Cards or ATC’s

Yep I got swept up into the whole atc world awhile back and started a very nice collection. I have decided to once again work on these little gems and offer them up here for trade. The ones I am listing now are from that time period 2005 and 6, I had put them in a folder and forgot all about them. If you see one you like and want to trade for just give a yell and we can make a swap.

For those that don’t know about theses they are little works of art other than the size they must be 2.5 x 3.5 and the skys the limit as far as medium style etc. Many artist sell these cards, I did for awhile but to be honest its much more fun to trade. You can type in atc for more information on these but be careful its very addictive.
Stars and stripes horse, this guy moves, his body is jointed at the star . acrylic, paper, colored pencil, brad, horse is laminated

Dog done in colored pencil

Horse pencil

pear pencil

pear acrylic

apple acrylic

hoof pick acrylic

blue dog, print, paper, metal

orange dog print, paper, metal

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WIP- Horse Head

Day # 1 I started this painting the way I do most, with a drawing on layout paper and then transferred it to the canvas. I am working in acrylics and its on a 14 x 18 canvas. I concentrated on getting the canvas covered laying in the darks and some midtones.

Day # 2- ok so I decided to switch to oils and at first I was sorry I did but once I got the entire canvas covered in the oils I was really glad. I know from past paintings that when I want a really dark, dark it can take many, many sessions to get it but doing it this way I was able to get dark’s on the second session . I am not sure what direction this is going to take, my original plan was to make the horse entirely in shadow but I may let more detail show. I guess I will decide in the next session or so.

Day 3

Day 4

Cat Painting WIP

Well I thought I would be brave and share a work in progress with you, no guarantee that I will produce a finished painting. Does that surprise you, it shouldn’t, most artist have a stack of unfinished paintings sometimes they just don’t work out the way we wanted sometimes we just get bored with them and I am sure there are countless other reasons but that’s the two for me.

So the details, this is an oil painting, a close up of a cats face on a 12 x 12 canvas.
Day one- I drew the image on layout paper then transferred it to the canvas. I painted without worrying to much about the color as I know it will change many times. I worked until the canvas was covered, I hate white canvas, and until I could not work with the wet paint. This is a great challenge for me as I am used to working with acrylics and I can just keep going.

Day 2- I started to pay more attention to the colors without getting to fussy and I started to be more concerned with the details, being more concerned with the drawing part of it, but again not to  fussy, that will come later. I need to let it set up again before I continue.

Day 3 - I worked on the entire paintings today spending a lot of time on the eye, not there yet but I am getting closer. Not sure how much of a change you can see on line but I reworked the entire painting.

Day 4


Day 5


almost done