Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Challenges - week 1

Because I don’t have enough to do, Lol, I am going to set a new art challenge for myself every week. These challenges can be very simple projects to more intense ones, the key will be for me to think outside the canvas. I will set the challenge up every Sunday for the following week . What I would love is for other artist to join in, let me know and we can link our finished pieces together

Awhile ago I did this with a small group , here is an example of that, the theme was to paint in the style of.... so I did a Van Gogh pear

This weeks challenge will be to paint 3 paintings using the same object with three different limited pallets

1st will be white and one color
2nd, black and white ( I am not sure I have black paint if you don’t just substitute black with another color but if you have it or can get it use black)
3rd black, white and the color you used with the white.

If you want to join in but your medium does not allow you to work this way, example if you are sculpting an object, set your own challenge but make 3 different examples of it.

This is pretty basic but I want to keep it simple to ease into this. Good luck to anyone joining me.

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