Friday, July 24, 2009

First Challenge done

Well I just completed the first challenge....... patting myself on the back!!! It was such a simple challenge, or so I thought, I actually struggled with it. All I did was to go back to basics but it goes to show just how important that is. I often set up single object still lives so that I can paint from life instead of my usual photo, but because I love to play with the color, often exaggerating and even changing it ( that’s an understatement! ) I never realized how much I was struggling when it came to the values, could be why it takes me so long to complete a painting dah...

Now when I set this challenge up it was really just to see what would happen with a very limited pallet but for me it turned into a value study. I really need to work on this and will try at least once a week to paint something just to study the value, I think maybe I will keep that tube of black paint out and just make it a part of my weekly routine.

I did learn from this I hope anyone else who decided to participate in this did as well and will share. I am pondering the next challenge.......

Added 9/6/09

Well folks unfortunately I have to put these challenges on hold. Time time time. As soon as things calm down around here I will start them up again. Thanks for understanding

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